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High School Principal

Posted: 04/30/2023

HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL QUALIFICATIONS: ● At least three years of teaching experience. ● Valid Tennessee Administrator’s license with appropriate endorsement; and ● At least three years of administrative or supervisory experience and certification in accordance with state law and State Board Rules and Regulations, based on the minimum of a Master’s Degree.

JOB GOAL: To provide support to the instructional process, serve as a resource to others, and supervise the management of personnel and facilities of the school in compliance with the educational, financial, and other operational laws and procedures established by the State of Tennessee Board of Education and Tullahoma City Board of Education.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS or DUTIES: ● Assume administrative responsibility and instructional leadership under the direction of the Director of Schools and in accordance with written policies of the board for the planning, management, operation, and evaluation of the educational program of the school to which he or she has been assigned; ● Supervise the operation and management of personnel and facilities of the school; ● Submit recommendations to the Director of Schools regarding the appointment and dismissal of all personnel assigned to the school, and ● Make decisions regarding the specific duties of all personnel assigned to the school under the principal’s care; provided, that the duties of teachers shall be within their area of licensure and consistent with applicable policies, rules, and laws; ● Administer and implement the school behavior and discipline code, following policies, rules, and laws. ● Require guest/visitor passes for all persons other than enrolled students and employees of the schools; ● Observe all other rules and regulations relative to the operation of public schools established by law and as contained in the rules and regulations established by the state board of education ● Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Schools;

● Instructional Leadership ○ Facilitate the development of programs and monitor the implementation of curriculum that meets the needs of all students. ○ Analyze and utilize all summative, formative, and common summative data for the improvement of curriculum for instruction and student achievement. ○ Maintain a school-wide climate and organization for learning (high expectations, cooperation, support, positive attitudes, etc.). ○ Facilitate the development of curriculum/instructional programs based on research findings and needs assessment results. ○ Identify and communicate effective teaching strategies, classroom management strategies, and strategies for altering inappropriate pupil behaviors. ○ Incorporate the effective use of technology into the management and instructional processes. ○ Oversee, work with, and observe staff to ensure effective instruction is provided to all students including students placed at the alternative school. ○ Create a schedule for administration and other staff to follow to ensure visits to the alternative school happen routinely so that the THS team members can check in with students and staff. ○ Ensure Alternative School Handbook processes and transition plans are followed. ○ Provide ongoing technical assistance to teachers and staff. ○ Coordinate processes with staff so that all teachers receive and understand the services outlined in IEPs and 504 plans to meet the needs of students with disabilities and support their success. ○ Work with special education teachers in the implementation of IEPs for the identified students in order to appropriately modify instruction, services, and expectations. ○ Work with the staff to provide appropriate RTIs for identified students with special needs. ○ Collaborate with the CTE Director, Special Education Director, Fine Arts Coordinator, Director of Curriculum & Instructions, and others to meet students' needs and support them in reaching their fullest potential.

● Program Planning ○ Identify and communicate instructional planning strategies. ○ Determine priorities based on assessed needs, financial capabilities, expertise, timelines, and resources. ○ Develop and implement the School Improvement Plan encompassing goals, objectives, activities, timelines, and resources. ○ Develop a school plan for professional development. ○ Supervise the re-evaluation and the adjustment of curriculum/instructional programs as needed. ○ Supervise the guidance program to enhance student education and development. ○ Utilize staff in curriculum and instructional improvement. ○ Organize for maximum time to ensure academic achievement. ○ Plan, organize, and direct implementation of all school activities. ○ Develop schedules for classroom observations, conferences, and follow-up activities. ○ Coordinate the athletic program when applicable; maintain the program in conjunction with all TSSAA rules and regulations.

● School Management ○ Utilize an effective interview and selection process before recommending the candidate which best fits the opening. ○ Assign personnel to positions, which ensure optimum performance and equitable distribution of assignments. ○ Evaluate the performance of personnel to ultimately enhance student achievement. ○ Plan and conduct staff development activities to improve the competencies of school personnel. ○ Utilize strategies that lead to a higher level of motivation. ○ Organize and supervise support service personnel for optimum performance. ○ Facilitate positive attitudes of faculty and staff. ○ Conduct classified and certified staff meetings to keep members informed of policy changes, new programs, and related concerns. ○ Recognize and reward, when possible, faculty, staff, and students for quality work. ○ Establish a guide for proper student conduct and maintaining student discipline according to established board policies. ○ Ensure discipline procedures are outlined in the school handbook and align with TCS board policy. ○ Ensure understanding of federal laws and regulations are followed regarding disciplinary procedures and manifestation determination reviews. ○ Develop and implement procedures to decrease misconduct/vandalism in restrooms and/or other areas throughout the school. ○ Provide due process procedures required for the appropriate management of school employees and students. ○ Prepare and supervise the preparation of reports, records, lists, and all other paperwork required or appropriate to the school’s administration, attendance, and reporting student progress. ○ Plan and supervise fire drills, earthquake drills, lockdown drills, and emergency preparedness programs. ○ Oversee and keep accurate records of all safety drill logs to turn in to the Deputy Director (Director of Safety) annually. ○ Develop a school-level threat assessment team to work collaboratively when needed to complete the behavioral threat assessment protocol. ○ Coordinate planning and work of the administrative staff. ○ Delegate responsibility for certain tasks to administrative staff, counselors, and others when appropriate. ○ Coordinate curriculum development activities of the school in cooperation with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

● Community Relations ○ Involve parents in the activities of the school. ○ Assess community expectations and perceptions of school performance. ○ Communicate with citizens by a variety of means (i.e., media, social media, newsletters, website, and meetings). ○ Utilize community resources to support programs and services including parent volunteers. ○ Conduct regular Department Chair committee meetings. ○ Ensure that citizens who wish to use the facility complete the Facility Use Form and provide necessary documents before accommodating appropriate requests for school facility use. ○ Establish and maintain favorable relationships with local community groups and individuals to foster understanding and solicit support for overall school objectives and programs. ○ Work with other schools and organizations in a professional manner. ○ Discuss parent or personnel concerns/complaints with the Deputy Director as necessary to resolve issues. ● Business Management ○ Maintain a fiscal accountability system. ○ Develop and monitor financial plan (budget) based on programs/service priorities and financial capabilities. ○ Organize and involve teaching staff in monitoring and developing a financial plan for instructional needs. ○ Work closely with the Supervisor of Maintenance; inspecting the building and grounds, seeking assistance when needed. ○ Work closely with the Director of Business to ensure the accuracy of all fiscal processes. ○ Utilize a system for purchasing and inventory control (i.e. textbooks.) ○ Manage financial resources in the most cost-effective manner. ○ Apply local and state school board regulations and identified best practices for business management decisions. ● Interpersonal Relationships ○ Demonstrate effective written communication skills with all stakeholders. ○ Demonstrate effective oral communication skills with all stakeholders. ○ Manage change and/or implementation of various new programs by utilizing effective change and pacing strategies. ○ Solve problems utilizing a variety of techniques. ○ Make decisions from a base of relative information. ○ Utilize a process for involving personnel in decision-making activities, including faculty meetings, department meetings, etc. ○ Facilitate discussions and decision-making sessions efficiently and productively. ○ Plan and facilitate meetings for optimum use of time and resources. ○ Manage conflict situations in an effective manner. ○ Listen carefully to all stakeholders. ○ Keep the Director of Schools informed of the school activities and any problems or concerns. ● Professional Development ○ Attend workshops, institutes, courses, and conferences relevant to continuing professional development, and management of the school programs. ○ Demonstrate knowledge of current professional literature and materials including effective school research. ○ Demonstrate effective time management practices. ○ React to stressful situations in a reasonably calm and positive manner. ○ Meet timelines and deadlines as requested. ○ Conduct self and the management of the administrative office in an organized and professional manner. ○ Exhibit dependability in carrying out assigned responsibilities. ○ Accept constructive criticism. ○ Exhibit assertiveness as appropriate in dealing with administrative responsibilities. ○ Participate in the system’s leadership meetings in a positive, helpful, and resourceful way. ○ Perform professional responsibilities and duties as outlined in the job description including regular attendance and punctuality. ○ Assume responsibility for school-related activities that extend beyond the school day. ○ Work with Central Office staff and other support personnel on school programs and goals related to instruction, transportation, professional staff development, special services, etc. ○ Adhere to the Tennessee Codes of Ethics. ○ Perform other duties consistent with the position assigned as may be requested by the Director of Schools.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: This job may require the lifting of objects that exceed 50 pounds, with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 pounds. Other physical demands that may be required are as follows: ● Pushing and/or pulling ● Stooping and/or kneeling ● Reaching ● Talking ● Hearing ● Seeing

CAPACITY AND ABILITY REQUIREMENTS: Specific capacities and abilities may be required of an individual in order to learn or perform adequately a task or job duty. ● Intelligence: The ability to understand instructions and underlying principles. Ability to reason and make judgments. ● Verbal: Ability to understand meanings of words and the ideas associated with them. ● Numerical: Ability to perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately. ● Manual dexterity: Ability to move the hands and fingers easily.

REPORTS TO: Director of Schools FLSA: Exempt TERM: 261 SALARY: Teacher salary scale plus 61 Days and 27.5% supplement

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this position. They are not intended to be a complete list of responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so assigned.

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